We are delighted to share the news that six projects we’ve recently completed have been selected as shortlisted nominees for the 2021 PAC Global Leadership Awards.

Celebrating craftsmanship in global package brand design and innovation, the awards recognize those who positively impact business performance, enhance brand value and embrace collaboration.

Our Nominees

Our packaging update for Playtex Sport Tampons created ownable equity for the brand. A combination of vibrant colors, prominent SPORT branding and real athletes in action herald the brand as the gold standard for strong, modern, unstoppable women.

Once a grassroots, athletes-only brand, Defense Soap boasts natural infection treatment and preventative properties without the use of harmful, skin-damaging chemicals. Re-designed to appeal to a larger mainstream consumer base, the visual identity and packaging exudes confidence, performance and calls attention to the essential oils used in each formulation – a compelling point of difference between national brand competitors.

Focusing on desired outcome, the new packaging for Scott’s Turf Builder took a unique consumer-first approach. Typically, communication in this category is science heavy, leaving consumers confused and overloaded with information. By leading with a combination of functional and emotive language, consumers easily understand the product, its use and how to navigate between offerings to achieve exactly the type of lawn they covet.

With a goal of becoming the defined leader in pan-Asian flavors and seasonings in North America, Blue Dragon engaged Bridgemark for an updated packaging design that would better communicate their positioning. The result is a contemporary, fresh aesthetic bolstered by overhead photography, bold branding and vivid colour. Easy to identify at shelf, the packaging appeals to consumers’ creativity, chefmanship and sense of culinary adventure.

A leader in cooking sauces and paste, Patak’s helps food lovers prepare authentic and flavorful Indian dishes at home in less than 35 minutes. To continue delivering on this promise, the brand launched this delicious new line of ready-to-eat products. The new design features a contemporary, vibrant look, while leveraging the brand’s distinct master brand architecture. Bright colors accent the brand’s distinct purple background and make it an exciting discovery at-shelf.

Global Vitners holds the #1 position in the at-home winemaking category – at times a vast and overwhelming one for consumers. With a mandate of streamlining portfolios, enhancing shopability and creating stronger brand presence, we set out to re-design VineCo. A key component of this bold and youthful design is the color-coded varietal stickers applied at retail level to signal type and origin of each selection. The overall impression is casual and unpretentious with a splash of fun and adventure. We say cheers to that!

We Can’t Wait…

But, we’re going to have to! Winners will be announced at the ONEOF100 Global Packaging Summit, being held virtually in February 2021. Until then, head over to the PAC website to check out the other 2021 PAC Global Leadership Award nominees.