… but winning them is super exciting!

It’s always an honor to be recognized for the work we accomplish with our client partners. And, while this year has been different in so many ways, evidently 2021 is no exception.

Judged by an accomplished panel of industry professionals, the PAC Canadian Leadership Awards recognize and celebrate the intersection of inspiring branding, innovative structural design and holistic thinking.

Garnering accolades across a number of categories, Bridgemark is elated to congratulate each of our clients on their well-deserved wins.

Bravo to Riviana Foods Canada Corporation! Their Olivieri Italia fresh pastas earned Best in Class in the New Brand, Food category. Reflecting the traditional craft of pasta making, this elegantly understated design captures the joy and passion of authentically Italian cuisine.

Innovation is at the root of Scotts Turf Builder Custom Seed Blend – recognized as Best in Class in the New Brand, Non Food category. This design takes a consumer-first approach by touting the desired outcome of lawn care. Leading with emotive solutions – not scientific ones – the result is a refreshing, simplified standout in a typically difficult to navigate category.

Our hats off to the real-life farmers and sisters behind the Three Farmers brand. Taking home Best in Class in the Revitalized Food category, this from-the-ground-up rehaul included new positioning, identity, marketing & sales strategy, digital communication planning, and packaging. Each element was holistically created to reveal the brand’s story and guiding principles – passion, transparency, sustainable farming, and the true goodness of real food.

Also winning in the Revitalized Food category, Patak’s is a leading producer of authentic Indian cooking sauces and pastes. The brand’s innovative expansion into the RTE segment was honored with an Award of Distinction. Retaining the brand’s distinct master brand architecture, designs feature a vibrant color palette bolstered by delectable photography. At shelf, each pack promises a flavorful and uniquely authentic Indian experience.

Visit the PAC Awards website to check out the complete gallery of winners.