From simple beginnings as a one-man shop to a multi-agency integrated branding organization with more than 120 employees, Glenn Davis Group has changed, grown, and thrived over the past half century. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re revisiting some of the pivotal moments that helped us reach this momentous milestone. Of course, we’d like to thank all of our past and present clients that have trusted us to create, reimagine, and guide the journeys of their brands.

The 70s & 80s


  • Designer, artist, and business leader, Glenn Davis leaves the storied ad world of the late 1960s behind to start his own company. Glenn A. Davis & Associates Ltd. is incorporated.


  • Bilingual packaging becomes mandatory across Canada – creating a boom for Canadian design studios.
  • Glenn moves the business from his home’s basement studio to a small suite of offices in East Mississauga.


  • Supported by a small team of Salespeople, Coordinators, Designers, and Finishing Artists, Davis & Associates grows to serve a roster of both corporate and consumer goods clients.


  • Business model changes dramatically as the Account Director role becomes the lead for all aspects of client relationship management.

The 90s


  • Based on revenue and number of employees, Glenn A. Davis & Associates establishes its position as one of the major design firms in Canada.


  • Proprietary pre-design research tool Image DiagnosticsTM is launched. It provides critical insights that help us create the Total Brand Message and marks the beginning of our integrated approach.

The Aughts


  • Practicing our own brand of Dramatic Simplicity, our operating name is shortened to Davis.
  • Over the past six years Davis doubles its size in revenue with a continually growing client list. Hiring continues as we welcome our 50th employee to the fold.


  • Annual sales increase by 50% over three short years as we say hello to our 75th employee. Through our work with several US clients on North American and international projects, we are now a North American agency, creating global brands.


  • The merger and acquisition activities of our clients combined with our growth in North America creates competitive conflict challenges. Consequently, we are forced to turn away work. Many clients aren’t accepting of this situation and look to us to propose a solution. In response, a second agency is created. Bridgemark is launched as our 100th employee joins the team. Offering clients a mirrored experience of Davis’ capabilities and expertise, 1/3 of Davis employees cross the bridge to our brand new agency.


  • After an impressive career, founder Glenn Davis retires. His three sons; Ron, Steve, and Jeff lead the business with the inherited values and culture that are integral to the success we’ve experienced to date.


  • Work volume surges by 33% over our 2003 numbers.

The 10s


  • Our corporate structure is reimagined and rebranded. Glenn Davis Group becomes the legal entity operating our two agencies, Bridgemark and Davis. A move into separate but adjacent towers in downtown Mississauga creates collaborative environments for our teams and clients to work.


  • Work volume bounds 25% above 2008.


  • The business focus of each agency expands to integrated branding. Offering enhanced capabilities, we manage client brands from product and brand ideation to development stages, all the way through to physical and digital activation, communication plans, and media buying.

The 20s… and beyond


  • Amid a global pandemic, Glenn Davis Group celebrates its 50th anniversary. With an optimistic spirit of growth and evolution, we anticipate a future rich in opportunities for our clients, our agencies, and our employees.


  • Recognizing our clients’ needs for the most efficient and integrated processes, we propel into the world of Pre-Media. Through a dynamic partnership with Autumn Graphics, we can guide the journey of our clients’ brands across the full continuum of activities. From innovation and strategy, creative, digital and communications, to platemaking and printing, GDG ensures every brand journey is better, stronger, faster, and poised to make an unstoppable impact.