Integrated branding agency, Bridgemark is celebrating its updated positioning and go-to-market promise with a new studio space, website redesign, and unifying email address structure. Under parent company, Glenn Davis Group, Bridgemark and its sister agency, DAVIS offer the same parallel expertise while operating separately. Values, vision, and ownership are shared by both agencies. To reflect the new positioning the agencies have refreshed identities and promises to create Unstoppable Impact.

Bridgemark is now located at 77 City Centre Drive, West Tower, 2nd floor, Mississauga, Ontario. The new office and studio are a mirror image of DAVIS with private spaces for each agency.

To commemorate the agency’s brand positioning, a website redesign has been launched and effective immediately all staff emails will share a consistent Glenn Davis Group email address structure. Following Bridgemark’s mission to transform moments into momentum, the agency remains committed to exceeding all clients’ needs for efficiency, responsiveness, and adaptability.

“There is always comfort in what is familiar, but the comfortable space is crowded. Our success is partially attributed to our willingness to move into areas that are uncomfortable. This is when true learning and growth occurs.” Steve Davis, owner of Glenn Davis Group. “These opportunities are a new and exciting beginning for all of us at Glenn Davis Group and our clients.”