Part 2 of our "Brand Well and Prosper" series by Bridgemark's Senior Strategy Director, Colleen Tapp

In Part 1, Colleen described why branding is essential for companies looking for success in increasingly competitive markets. Now, here are five strategies companies can adopt to make sure their brands stand out.

1. Fly Your Brand Flag

Define your target, values and unique premise, and distill these into a singular message, look and feel: that big idea that helps convey who you are. Tell your story every chance you get.

2. To Thine Own Self be True

Ensure that your actions and brand promise are aligned every step of the way — from the quality of your offering to the way your company handles complaints. Be authentic and transparent — your reputation depends on it.

3. Stand for Something Bigger

Successful brands embody not only what people purchase, but what they believe in — what matters. Take the time to understand the needs and wants of your customers and connect to your target in a meaningful and relevant way.

4. Look the Part

Develop a standout visual brand identity that is simple, recognizable, and memorable. A distinct personality with consistency across all logos, fonts and graphic elements helps build your unique brand. As your brand evolves over time, a brand refresh can build on this visual equity while keeping you relevant.

5. Invest in Where You’re Going

Articulate a clear vision for where you want to be now and in the future — and invest in getting there. A branding & design agency can help discover the power of your brand’s unique positioning and help bring your story to life – with a distinct voice, look and feel that will take your brand from good to great.

by Colleen Tapp, Senior Strategy Director, Bridgemark