Bridgemark brands new Canadian craft beer called Old Tomorrow


Fondly named Old Tomorrow for his uncanny sense of timing and ability to achieve consensus against long odds, Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, was a brilliant visionary who dared Canada to be great! His scrappy spirit and velvety charm are reflected in a unique, silky smooth and refreshing Canadian Pale Ale, branded by Bridgemark.

With craft beer gaining popularity in Canada, Bridgemark’s challenge was to launch a brand that depicts the spirit of Sir John A., while breaking through an increasingly cluttered market. Old Tomorrow had to be strong and slightly curious, just like John A. himself.

The design speaks to Bridgemark’s core value of Dramatic Simplicity. High contrast lends a modern appeal to the brand despite its historical roots, while the partial view of Sir John A.’s face creates intrigue. The straight edges of the Old Tomorrow wordmark are complemented with a slight twist of the Rs – a turning of things on its ear, if you will. The enhanced spin of the can lends itself to telling the story of Sir John A. – no matter the angle on shelf, the design always offers something for the consumer to see.

 Old Tomorrow is now available in Ontario LCBO stores, just in time for the birthday celebrations.