We all love to remember the good times: hanging out with friends at a backyard barbecue, catching up with family at a picnic, blowing out candles on a birthday cake. It’s these events that help us capture the important moments and Goodtimes has everything you need to throw a great party so that you (and your guests) can focus on life.

This is what Bridgemark captured when refreshing the Goodtimes brand: celebrating life and creating memories. 

“Often marketers make the mistake of overselling a product and forget that less is more”, says Michael Chan, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager, Goodtimes Brand Inc. “The key with unique and creative disposables is to show off the product and use color, imagery and packaging design to drive emotion towards the brand.”


Terence Tse, Account Director, Bridgemark adds, “With Goodtimes, we started with the clean, positive spirit of the original logo and infused the celebratory personality with bold red type. Red was an obvious color choice. Simplifying the color palette was key to contemporizing the brand and with the power of red symbolizing passion, love, intensity and celebration – it was the standout winner.” Combined with the carefree grin beneath the o’s, the new brandmark compels you to share a smile with Goodtimes. They’ve got you covered.

Michael Chan says, “The refreshed brand identity inspires ideas, products and services to help people pause, recognize, linger and capture the moments we share with one another. You feel this synergy across all aspects of the brand including products, merchandisers and social media channels. It doesn’t matter if you work for the company or you are a customer picking up the next product, you feel connected and have a nostalgic feeling towards #goodtimes.”

Check out the refreshed branding on Goodtimes newly launched website.