Inspired by cookbooks that are as appealing for their drool-worthy imagery, escapism and gorgeous design as the recipes themselves, Bridgemark has captured Olivieri’s brand essence - the enjoyment of life - in an authentic and visually enticing way.

The dramatically simple design creates relevance and engagement, elevating the brand’s positioning while carefully preserving its existing equity. As design stewards for Olivieri for more than a decade, we’re excited to unveil a look that celebrates the market leader’s passion for cooking.  

An expression of fresh, flavorful ingredients rooted in the simplicity of modern Italian design, the pack’s minimal approach stands out as much for what it doesn’t include, showcasing striking visuals of freshly cooked pasta and natural ingredients, against sumptuously textured organic backdrops, like slate and butcher block. The total effect, including a window that reveals the freshness of the product itself, enhances brand resonance, sensory appeal and shopability.

A structural move from stickered labels to high quality printed film further elevates the brand, setting the stage for Olivieri’s continued leadership and innovation in the category.