Goodtimes LunchMates was recognized by the editors of Package Design Magazine at the PAC Gala held in Bonita Springs Florida.

Linda Casey, editor-in-chief, Package Design, says, “Package Design’s publisher Gerri Brownstein and I appreciated how the Goodtimes LunchMates package broke away from the category norm for disposable tableware. With bold all-panel illustration, the package stands out from competitors on shelf but is right at home at celebrations of all types. The party-appropriate décor and the easy open and close feature further encourage the target consumers to use the product in the original packaging in celebration environments - versus a typical end user behavior of transferring the spoons into a container.

"This thoughtful, practical and fun design enables the packaging to sell well not only to shoppers in the retail aisle but also markets the Goodtimes brand and its LunchMates spoons well after the packaged goods leave the retail store — encourages brand loyalty, earning new brand fans and subsequently will positively impact the business’ bottom line.”

Michael Giller, VP Account Director, Bridgemark was at the Package Design Matters Conference to receive the award. With this brand reinvention, Goodtimes LunchMates has won multiple awards including a global Pentaward, a GD USA Award and two PAC Awards.