A brand’s name is just one component of the brand experience, but it holds a lot of sway in whether or not the brand communicates its message effectively. So what’s the secret to choosing a name?

Be emotive. 

Know what your brand stands for, and what you want consumers to see in your product. Make sure your name conveys those things to your audience in a relevant and interesting way.

Know your target market. 

What are they looking for? What’s important to them? Most importantly: what will resonate with them in the long run?

Be accessible. 

The easier to say and spell, the better, and before you fall madly in love with a name, make sure it’s available by doing a trademark search. And while it’s not all about the hashtag or handle, it doesn’t hurt to make sure those social media assets are available as well. Beyond improving your searchability, a social media handle that aligns nicely with your name will create unity in your brand narrative, increasing your familiarity with consumers.

Think of everywhere your brand will live. 

Your brand lives in a multi-dimensional world. Its name should survive life on a pack, in marketing materials, and in social media without diluting its effectiveness.

And if your key markets span across countries, find out if your brand name translates well to the appropriate language. It’s best to identify any language or cultural issues up front before your blunder becomes the next viral internet meme.

There’s a story behind your brand. What are you selling? What makes it different? How will it impact your customer? A name helps tell that story effectively, bridging equities to increase your brand’s stickiness and to make consumers care about what you’re saying.