Learning is about continually seeking and exploring new paths. Even if you start down one, another might emerge when questions and alternatives take shape. A leader in educational resources and best practices, Pearson Canada recognized this. Because of technology advances and behavioral shifts, the classroom landscape was changing to fit new learning styles, and many resources for teachers weren’t keeping up.

Mathology takes into account a holistic approach to today’s classroom. Like the process itself, the name reflects the non-linear style of teaching and learning. More than knowing how to get from A to B, teachers need to be able to forge new paths alongside their students.

Grounded in the Latin word for “the study of,” the name “Mathology” emphasizes Pearson’s research-based precision to communicate the program’s purpose: giving teachers confidence about teaching math in an engaging and accessible way. And the best way to build someone’s confidence is to turn them into an expert — a Mathologist. But there’s an element of playfulness to the brand as well. As well as being research-based, like biology or anthropology, it’s a word kids can digest. What’s Mathology all about? Why, Math of course!

Of all the subjects in school, math is arguably the most daunting. Maybe it’s because ultimately there’s always a right and a wrong answer. Mathology introduces students to the world of math by empowering them to explore deeper into the subject, building a strong foundation from the beginning as they grow up in school.