For millennials, the kitchen is a destination portal. Food crazes have pulled from unique places. Street-meat, market-fresh organic offerings and world spices mean you’re no longer limited to a standard definition of dinner (or to ordering-in, because let’s face it, that’s usually where the decision ends).

Enter Snakmandoo - taking you on a flavor quest to quench your cravings.

Bellisio Foods joined with Bridgemark to launch this new brand. Working from scratch can have its freedoms and restrictions, even more so with a younger target faced with ever-evolving trends and offerings.

And who is this millennial audience? They’re bold, young and on the hunt for experiences that ignite and inspire. They’re looking for brands that are real, without trying too hard: those that push the boundaries of creativity to awaken their passion for life, and for snacks they can’t wait to devour.

With Snakmandoo, the desire for free-spirited pursuits calls you to new possibilities – for flavors, for snacking, for meals in general. What’s stopping you from trying something you’ve never done, or going somewhere you’ve never been?

Story originally appeared on bxpmagazine.comYou can also see Snakmandoo featured in Strategy Magazine, World Packaging Design, The Drum , Packaging of the World and GDUSA.