Digital media colors our world. More than a hobby that fills our time, social media is a tool for self-expression: Canadean reports that 29% of global consumers share an update on social media at least once a week*. By its nature, digital media fosters connections. Whether it’s through a hashtag, a Snapchat filter or a wacky holiday, digital media’s ability to create buzz, awareness and community spans geography and age.

Our 2017 calendar inspires connection by observing unique holidays made popular through social media. These aren’t the typical Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day holidays. Instead, we’re making a big deal of the unexpected, the fun and the unusual. From rubber ducks and donuts, to chocolate covered anything and lost socks, each of these days give us reason to step outside the conventional and appreciate the whimsical. Join us, and 2.67 billion social media users** by celebrating the unexpected this year.

We worked with illustrator Andrew Plewes to create original illustrations in honor of each day, including a bonus holiday – National Candy Cane Day on December 26th. We then created this short video to kick-off our celebrations. Enjoy!

*Canadean November 2016 Personal Inter-Connections TrendSights Analysis