From gluten-free cookbooks to culinary bloggers, it’s clear that healthy has become mainstream. Clean-eating lingo is so widespread that it is spoofed in pop culture, such as Netflix’s new show “The Santa Clarita Diet.” Global trends support the growing popularity of nutrition: according to Nielsen, 62% of consumers are eating less sugary sweets, and 2 in 3 consumers are cutting down on fats. A recent study by Mintel also discovered that approximately 80% of Canadian women try to eat healthy.

Premier Protein has always offered products for the health-conscious shopper, and their Organic Shakes line provides a new way for consumers to fit nutrition into their busy, active lives.

Bridgemark worked with Premier Protein to brand this new line of shakes. Putting “Organic” front and center surrounded by delicious pieces of chocolate reminds consumers that they can choose clean foods that also satisfy indulgent taste. The brand differentiates in the club environment with premium cues and a highly recognizable badge calling out the quality of its 100% organic ingredients.