A master craftsman is also an agent of discovery – constantly testing and experimenting to design a work of art. The bottle shop at Radical Road Brewing Co. is an example of this free-willed artistry brought to life.

The micro-brewery, located in Toronto, Canada, takes inspiration from Edinburgh’s Radical Road. Named for the group of “radicals” who sought greater freedom for Scotland in the Radical War of 1820, the pathway represents the country’s spirit of independence. Carrying on in this tradition, Radical Road Brewing Co. combines their unique craft beers with equally distinct design. Each bottle tells its own story with bold typography and edgy colors, then joins together to form the full narrative for this ever-growing family – a collection that received a Pentaward this weekend.

Pentawards are recognized as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. Jeff Boulton, Creative Director, and Steve Davis, President attended the gala in Barcelona, Spain to accept the award. You can view the full winners' gallery here

Congratulations to our client and our studio on this win. You can see which brews are currently available at Radical Road on their website – or watch our Grand Opening video below for a peek at the micro-brewery. …and check out our Instagram for scenes from the award ceremony in Barcelona!