Beauty bloggers rejoice: the world’s first bi-directional razor is here.

Shaving is seen by many as a tedious chore, with Mintel reporting skin irritation and razor burn as two of the biggest frustrations for consumers*. For others, the time-consuming nature of shaving can hinder the joy of self-care – not to mention the necessary shower-yoga to get a close shave.

Schick Intuition f.a.b. shaves forwards and backwards, making this particular routine more effortless, painless and more fulfilling.

As brand steward for over 14 years, Bridgemark created the look to introduce this innovation to the world. With the goal to communicate the revolutionary nature of this razor, Schick Intution f.a.b. also needed to harmonize with the whole Schick family.

Our revitalization for Schick’s portfolio of razors for women launched across North America and Europe last year. Taking inspiration from the minimalist sophistication of the Health & Beauty category, it illuminates the tactile nature of Schick’s brand essence. The soft-touch matte finish, embossed details and spot gloss varnish combine for a premium feel that stands out with clarity.

With its bold energy and bright colors, Schick Intution f.a.b. is another example of how Schick helps you free your skin.

*Mintel, Shaving and Hair Removal, US – April 2017