Say hello to Anna Landry, one of our design interns for the summer!

We love the spirit our interns bring the agency every summer. We learn from our interns as they learn from us, bringing a fresh perspective to our team. We want to share what the journey is like through the interns’ lens.

Anna is an easy-going summer intern at Bridgemark who graduated from Conestoga College this spring with an advanced Graphic Design diploma. Anna has worked in other marketing roles, most recently focusing on user experience as part of a web design team. Having completed a two-year fine art portfolio building program at Beal Art, she has an experimental nature and pushes to create disruptive ideas. A little Billie Eilish keeps Anna inspired at her desk while designing.

“Something I love about Bridgemark is that you can really push any creative direction.” Anna explains that she worked as an intern at other design companies and compares her experience at Bridgemark: “Even though it’s a really established company with major brands, you have a lot of autonomy in what you can do. The environment at Bridgemark is happy and chill, and it’s a perfect creative space.” Anna’s transition from school to the professional environment was smooth, as she felt her school was a strong base for designing in different media.

For Anna, working alongside tenured designers also brings the opportunity to build her portfolio with products she recognizes from her own kitchen. “In the first week, I was already working on some big brand names, and it was pretty cool to be part of the process.”

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