Marissa in the Muskoka Lounge

Marissa in the Muskoka Lounge

 “With the perfect blend of innovation, collaboration and positivity, Bridgemark has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that makes each day enjoyable.” - Marissa Ouellette, 2019

At Bridgemark, we love the spirit that our student interns bring to the table! Summer internships give talented students a chance to get a taste of agency life, and to apply their education in a practical learning environment. Their inventive and experimental twist on design brings a fresh perspective to our team. We learn as much from them as they do from us and we’re sharing the journey through the interns’ lens.

Marissa “Mar” Ouellette joined Bridgemark in April as a summer intern in Design. Mar is a recent Conestoga College Graphic Design grad with a bubbly personality. She’s often found by the coffee machine brewing a fresh cup of coffee to keep her wonderful energy up. Her friends describe her as empathetic and positive (except when she’s road raging). We haven’t seen that side of her yet, but we’re intrigued.

Mar’s role as an intern includes developing creative concepts on her own and with a team. Being a team player and a good communicator is essential in design, and when asked about her favourite part of the job, Mar said she thrives in group dynamics -- “Bouncing ideas around in a group setting”. Marissa describes the benefits of brainstorming with a team, “When everyone is putting in their ideas, it opens up new thinking and you’re like – I never thought of that!” Marissa wants to continue to improve her communication and presentation skills so she can relay her ideas to clients and peers in a compelling way. 

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